drewAn J

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Well it has been awhile since I have written anything in here. Christams and New Years have come and gone. A busy season you know. Well it has just snowed. I like snow, I like it when you are outside at night and it is really quiet. The snow absorbs the sounds. Just a crunch under the feet. There is something really cool about that. I am not sure I like the cold, but the snow... that I like. I am also not sure that I enjoy shoveling it. I used one of those plows yesterday. It holds a ton and just glides along the driveway. But then there was nowhere to put the white stuff. So I had to lift it up onto the top of the pile. My leg got sore. But I felt satisfied after I shoveled. And it was quiet out. Maybe after the holidays it is just nice to slow down and be quiet. Enjoy an empty moment, void of advertisements, kids yelling, and all that stuff. Or maybe it was a sense of accomplishment after I was all done. Or maybe I just wanted to get my cold ass inside. I have not gone and enjoyed the snow however. but soon enough. I am planning a trip out to Copper Mountain in Feburary. Soooooo.... Five o'clock is almost here. Soon it will be time to get back out there... brave the crazy drivers and maybe enjoy some peace and quiet tonight, having a smoke on the back porch, looking at the emptiness that is a yard of snow.

(possibly with Bruno in it)