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Friday, November 05, 2004


Do you think there should be more or fewer licensed architects?

"More architects.
More clout.
More diversity.
More architects as legislators.
More architects as school teachers.
More architects as civic leaders.
More architects as inventors.
More architects as entrepreneurs.
More architects as journalists.
More architects as bureaucrats.
More architects as traffic planners.
More architects as volunteers."

For more info go to http://www.archvoices.org

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Well today feels like Wednesday. But it is Thursday. We have a new president, and I got a paper cut in the webbing between my thumb and index finger. I think it is a conspiracy that Bush has set up to drain blood from the middle class.

I am reading a new book called The Cluetrain Manifesto. It is really quite good. It is by four different authors and is about the relationship between business and the internet. Basically how the internet has possibilities in connecting suppliers and consumers, suppliers and suppliers, and consumers and consumers. Thus making today's market more like the market of yesteryear, like the village market. Since it is written by ordinary people there is humor and it is very down to earth. Plus informative. Anywho.... I am reading about it for a book club which I just recently joined. So I will keep you informed as I read more. Hopefully the book gives me no paper cuts tonight, but knowing Bush and his greedy little fingers he probably has it rigged somehow.

I am reading the book for Club(red), AIGA's book club.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Building a World Class Visitor Centre

"It is not possible to simply redevelop the current visitor facilities at Stonehenge as this contravenes the objectives of the World Heritage Site Management Plan. Following several years of studies and consultation, a new site has been chosen at Countess East, 3 km from Stonehenge. It is just outside the World Heritage Site and is easy to reach by road or public transport.
The new visitor centre building will blend into the landscape and make no reference to Stonehenge itself. Internationally renowned architects Denton Corker Marshall have designed a building that is cut into the grassy landscape, with a long sweeping front wall and a single entrance. Visitors will pass through a succession of similar curved walls on their journey towards Stonehenge. The roof will be planted with strips of grass. From the adjoining road, the building will appear to be below ground.
Inside, the visitor centre will offer world-class facilities. There will be exhibitions and audio-visual presentations to help visitors enjoy and understand Stonehenge. There will also be high quality catering, a shop and dedicated space for educational groups. "

from: English Heritage Site


It seems as though time flies, when you are having fun or not having fun. It seems like I wrote that message Monday's Suck... just yesterday and here it is Monday again. It is wierd how a lot of this can be controlled by our minds... like "A watched pot never boils". It is all about how we perceive time itself. When we are just going through the grind, we seem to have a lot of time and are often bored, and then later because the memories are not very distinct the time flew. It is those times when something of importance or something new, we don't seem to have enough time, but later the memories are so distinctive... we can remember it like it was yesterday and the intermediate time between that event and the present flew. This is just something I have been pondering on this rainy Monday morning after a fun weekend. Back to the grind.. with time crawling.