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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Orange Skin is a design store also very close to
my firm. These are just some goofy pictures of us enjoying the free beer and food.


Well back in June there was a Neo Con event here at the Merchandise Mart. We mainly went to the parties and there were about three major ones. Lightology, Orange Skin, and Lee's Carpet. I have photos from Lightology and Orange
Skin. Well here are the Lightology ones. The event was on their roof-top terrance right by my office. I liked the furniture they had up there, very pod like. The people are Heejin with some guy and Sebastian and Patrycia. The theme was "A Night Designed in Light."

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I am seriously going to try and update my blog. I have to, for my own sake. So this past week(end). Tuesday night I went with Barry and Olga to the "Movie in the Park". THey were showing Citizen Kane, which was a good classic movie. Siskel (sp) came out and introduced the whole thing which was kinda lame, but I guess he picked out all the movies. I bought a chair at Walgreens for $5 and stopped and got some snack food. It was really cool to see the movie and have the city of Chicago behind you as a backdrop, the buildings all light up at night. It was a good time.

I worked late both Thursday and Friday. The first major deadline. I got assigned all of the middle smaller buildings which turned out to be quite a task. But it got done. Friday night I went to a really cool performance at a Piano Bar called Davenport's in Bucktown. The main guy performing is a friend of my friend Tony at work, or as Mike, Jason, and Corrie call him "Big Tony". It was a good show, he was a lounge singer, but stopped every two songs to tell a funny story. The songs then related to the story he told. It was very entertaining. After that "Big Tony", his friends Chuck and Judy and I tried to go to breakfast... as it was 1:00. We called a couple places and I took them to Stanley's but alas they only serve till 12:00. So we went to Michael's on North and Clark. The food was not so good but we had a good time talking and watching the drunk crowd, like a guy throwing his clubby cowboy hat then menu cause he didn't get served. We thought that he was stood up and pissed for other reasons... he was alone. Well we had some good conversation about what super powers we would want if we could have just one. Chuck picked teleportation, Judy flying, Tony invisibility, and I picked telekenesis. I thought about it long and hard and I think with this you can get the most bang for your buck. I mean you can move things, throw things, lift people, many other possibilities. Ended up being a late night. I was out till about 4.

Saturday I went to the beach with Dana, Brian's sister-in-law. We met Iris and her friend... can't remember his name. Laid on the beach for a little while and then went in Lake Michigan to cool off. There is always sooooooo much to look at down by the beach. It is just like being in California... well close. We laid on the beach some more, Dana and I talked about Ipods and what-not. They left. I cooled off again and then walked down further past the boat house/bar to watch some volleyball. I wish I could play, but this was professional beach mens two on two. Chicago versus LA. I didn't stay around to see who won. I walked back home. Well later on I met Scott (Wito) at his apt and we went to Schoolyard to have dinner. Shelby, Corey Hoelker's sister, met us and then we went to Matilda's, which is a cool bar. Very high design. We had a good time there, Scott's friend Dan met us there and Scott stole a piece of cake for Shelby from some party we were sitting near. He went over and asked some people and they said they were not with the party but would also like a piece. So he stole stole two, one for Shelby and one for the people. Kinda funny. So then we went to Big City. Stayed there till about 4:30. Dan and I walked back down Lincoln cause he lives on Fullerton as well. It is not good when the birds are chirping when you are walking home. Dan went towards his place and I went towards mine... anticipating meeting my bed.

Sunday was a short day. Woke up aboout 1:30 and went to lunch with Barry at Aladdins... a really good mediterranian(sp) cafe. Then we went to Target and got some shopping out of the way. After that Big Tony picked me up and we went up north to Hollywood beach, the gay beach. It was ok. It was later, about 5:00, so there were not a lot of people there. I was a little dissappointed. THere is a lot more scenery on North Beach than on Hollywood. Maybe it had to do with the time. There were more bugs also, but the swimming area was nicer. Give and take. So after that we went up to Evanston, a suburb, and had wings. Nice drive and ok wings. Tony dropped me off and I think I watched some Family guy and then off to bed.

Monday .... work... finishing up what was not done on Friday. Afterwork. I slept, met Shelby and her roomate at Matissee. A cool restaurant for food and drink. They have 3.00 bloodymary's on Saturday and some other good specials... I think a burger special on Monday. And then we went to Durkin's, an Irish bar. They had some flip it for free night. If you called heads or tails you got your round of drinks for free. Well we had one free round and then took off.. not bad.

Tuesday.... work... fire codes for the theater.... fun fun. Slept after work... I need to find a gym to give me more energy. I went roller blading up past Montrose Beach and back. It was a good ride?...blade?... skate?? I am not sure what you call it. I grabbed an eggplant panini for dinner from Past Bowl or what ever that place is called. They have 1.50 Miller lites and 2.00 burgers on Tuesday...have to remember that one.

I don't think I will do a play by play every day, but this was a small glimpse into my day to day routine.. Maybe next time a small glimpse into my day to day thoughts.


So I went with my firm down to Oak St. Beach to play some volleyball. I have a feeling that we had the most people there, around 35. There were 60 team that participated total. So we had a good time. Brought beer down to the beach. Unfortunetly we lost all 4 games, but we had a good time. After the beach they had an event at a club called Level . Well I danced there with some fellow employees and got tipsy. It was a really fun time. Our firm had a lot of people there so that was really nice. Late night and a hoarse voice I walked home with Barry P. who was also there. Enjoy the photos.