drewAn J

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


It seems as though there is a very strong correlation between the two, politics and Halloween. Kerry and Bush are both puppets... masks for their parties, and not very good ones at that. I think we should have a monkey be president and he can eat bananas in the white house with his monkey friends. And when the press gets rowdy he will throw his poop at them, and swing up into the rafters. What to be for Halloween... a monkey dressed in a suit with secret service men around him. That would be cool. Maybe some sort of two faced mask... half bush the other kerry with strings attached to my arms and legs? I enjoyed being a hick last year.. so I could be Bush... but then again I was also an alien... so I could be Kerry. Hmmmm..... Monkey, hick, alien......

Monday, October 25, 2004


Monday mornings suck. This is nothing new for anyone I am sure. I am just testing my blog out to make sure it is still working. I am going to try and post another picture with this message. What makes Monday mornings suck even more is when you have nothing to do at work.


This is an attempt at an e-mail post.

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