drewAn J

Monday, June 13, 2005


Well it is about time I update my blog. It is not going to be much since I am currently at work, but I want to get more into the habit of writing as much as possible. Today I went to lunch and there was a "crazy" in the restaurant. I actually think the crazies bring a little color and excitement into my day. They range in race and ethnicity and age groups as well. Today it was large black man. He had a very baratone voice. At first just thought he was ordering food very loudly. Then he started to say something like "This weekend I was saved and I must sing!" And start to sing. Twice he was asked to be quite and said he was sorry. Then he sarted to just ask for food. "Please, just gimme sum food!" He said this multiple times increasing in volume as he said it. Well a cook of latino decent came out of the kitchen and tried to give him some free food if he would leave. This went on awhile. Then they just started repeating things back and forth. "gimme sum food" and "I am giving you free food". I wondered who was the crazy and who wasn't. Well the cook tried to pull the large baratone black man out of the restaraunt, wow what cajones. Well things were going ok, when he passed by a lady he spazed a little but continued on. Once he hit the door he fell like a child going limp in grocery store because he can't get the toy he wants. So there lay the big black man in the doorway and the cook totally confused. He kept saying, "Gimmie some food." Eventually he got outside some how and when I got up to leave he was laying in the gutter and cop cars were around him. They did not touch him, again he looked fairly lifeless and I believe the cars actually were positioned to keep him from getting his head run over by the crazy taxies. I kinda felt for the guy as I am sure he is mentally challanged somehow. Saved one weekend and on Monday he is in the gutter.