drewAn J

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Word painting exercise.

It is raining outside. The rain falls at a steady pace, every once in awhile I see a sparkle coming from the rain drops that hit the flashing from across the street. The sky is an errie green color. Like the city of chicago somehow got placed in a huge Heinikein bottle. The rain adds a dimension to the world outside the window. First of all there are the drops on the panes of glass that give that glass a presence that clean glass doesn't have. Then there is the diagonal lines of the rain falling outside. There are the sparkles on the roof across the way and then the foggy blur that surronds the buildings. The fog consists of tiny drops now so far away that they just create this aura around everything. There is so much more dimension outside it makes it feel flat in here. Flat, and dry and stuffy. I can't breath.